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Academic Overview

Academic success of the students of any educational institution is the single most important factor in the institution’s success. At SVU, our principal priority is to promote research and innovation and to further that cause, we are always prepared to go above and beyond to ensure the quality and efficacy of our academic courses. Our curriculums, strategically designed by subject matter experts and taught by our world class faculty, coupled with our modern teaching practices and advanced equipment and laboratories, ensure all all-round development of our students in their respective fields.

To ensure maximum knowledge is gained within the minimum amount of time, our elite group of highly trained professors employ modern methodologies of imparting knowledge through digital classrooms and state of the art laboratories. With our focus being on boosting the employability of our students on a global level, we pursue hands-on learning, by teaching our students how to do it, by doing it, thus bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and industry practices. To keep our students up to date with modern industry practices, the students are then engaged in extensive research projects to understand the practical relevance of theories learnt in classrooms.

Additionally, to add inspiration to knowledge, we continually expose our students to guest lectures from imminent personalities, specialised workshops and skill development programs to create a connection between the success stories and how to achieve the success themselves. With globalisation rapidly taking its course and unifying industry standards across the world, our main goal is to prepare our students so as to put them on an equal footing with the rest of the world in the international market.

Teaching Practices

Our faculty team at SVU comprises of acclaimed academicians with rich experience in their respective fields, both in terms of academic theory as well as industry knowledge. These eminent individuals have a passion for teaching and are always dedicated towards the personal and professional development of the students. With many of our faculty members having served on executive committees and policy making boards of renowned organizations, our standards of learning are never compromised.

With market trends changing every day, the importance of foundations being solid is more than ever as only those who truly understand the subjects can keep up with the innovating modern world. At the same time to be employable across the world, it is important to be in stride with the rest of world and hone skills that are currently industrially relevant. Our strategically designed multidisciplinary courses, across technical as well as non-technical fields, ensure the deep embedding of fundamental concepts in the students’ minds while maintaining special focus on industrial relevance, thus helping the students gain knowledge and skill that is highly valuable and applicable while seeking employment.

Continuous engagement of the students is maintained through coursework, class tests, group and individual projects and laboratory work. At the same time, thecurriculum is structured with the goal to teach the students how to think independently and outside the box through interactive problem-solving sessions thus promoting academic research and industrial innovation. Year-end written and practical examinations are the main basis of determining merit in addition to presentations and written reports on the projects assigned. Additionally, workshops, seminars and guest lectures by imminent personalities, industry experts and faculty from other renowned universities through faculty exchange programs ensure significant exposure to the world beyond SVU.

Research and Development

Innovation and scientific curiosity of human beings are the only things directly responsible for the current domination of our race over the planet. However, the same things that have given us everything we have, have given rise to enormous looming problems, that unless solved, will be responsible for the end of the world as we know it. However, at SVU, we believe that the solutions towards these problems too can be discovered through further research and innovation towards solving the practical global problems of today.

We are driven by the idea of proving solutions for man’s biggest issues in the contemporary global scenario and make a positive impact on social, scientific and industrial spaces alike. Not only does the department encourage individualistic scientific thinking in our students but also gives the students a chance to make a mark of their own through research projects across various fields like pharmaceuticals, allied sciences, social sciences, technical sciences etc. Our main areas of focus are aligned with the requirements of man in this day and age. This helps us engage in international research collaborations, so as to work together as a global community, towards solving problems of immense proportions.

The prime objective of the Research & Development Department of SVU is to bring the students as well as faculty together on a platform to work towards the welfare of humanity through the discovery of real solutions that have economic, social and industrial utility. We focus distinctly on providing adequate training and support to the students so as to encourage them towards undertaking dissertations, research projects or PhD thesis keeping the welfare of the world in sight and fostering collaborations by providing the students and faculties with networking opportunities to connect with like-minded researchers across the globe.

Centres of Excellence

At SVU, we take pride in the unique diversified curriculums of our interdisciplinary courses. Our centres of excellence are key organs working towards our agenda of promoting multidisciplinary research that have stark relevance in the global industry and cater to the current international demand of multi-discipline experts for new perspectives for solving problems in this fast-paced world.

These centres are the focal point of our university’s collaborative research programs, and continuously work towards the welfare of humanity and solving contemporary global issues by developing safer, smarter and more efficient technical processes requiring lesser resources. The primary mission of these centres is to develop and promote an innovative streak in our students as well as faculty by encouraging them to take on research projects that based on real problems so as to benefit the real industry.

These centres are also to be credited for the industrial reputation of SVU due to their extensive contribution in providing industry-specific education, training and coaching that have benefitted the disciplines at large.

Our Centres of Excellence:-

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Smart and sustainable infrastructure

Basic and applied Sciences

Advanced Pharmacy

Advanced and special care pharmacy

Microelectronics and power systems

Innovative education and pedagogy

Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development

At SVU, our vision is, “Spreading the light of knowledge across the globe by facilitating the integration of research, multi-disciplinary approaches and entrepreneurship towards addressing the emerging demands of the modern world.” We understand that nearly all social, economic and industrial problems have their solutions in entrepreneurship. Hence, our Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell is an integral organ working towards furthering innovation and entrepreneurship among our students, which are the core values of our institution.

Our primary goal is to train our students in individualistic and scientific thinking, thus encouraging them towards innovation and in turn pursuing the innovation towards entrepreneurship. We achieve this by providing our students with the guidance and resources on the road from being academicians to becoming business leaders. The Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development cell provides practical insight into the whole process for interested candidates, right from conceiving a start-up idea to setting up a concrete business, thus arming them with all the skills they need in order to succeed.

Not only do we provide our students with the academic mentoring towards coming up with new ideas, processes and solutions, but we also provide them with valuable business resources like opportunities to network with the relevant people, exposure to the industry and motivational lectures from imminent minds in the business world so as to ensure all round development. Keeping the business aspect of entrepreneurship in mind, we provide additional guidance with respect to practical issues in setting up a business, like intellectual property protection, investment plans as well as key management. Additional competitions, workshops, seminars, field work, research project collaborations organised by the Cell, provide all the steps required in facilitating our students towards pursuing entrepreneurship as a career choice and becoming a pioneer of tomorrow.