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School of Naturopathy & Yoga Science

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Health, Happiness & Harmony for all through Yoga

Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. Yoga is 5,000-year-old system purely originated in India, which aims to transform both body and mind and is very much relevant even today, Top Yoga Colleges in India. Yoga is a comprehensive methodology evolved by the ancient seers, which embodies physical, psychological, moral and spiritual dimensions of human life. Yoga is an advanced science with the strength of rigorous theoretical frame work supported by scientifically proved practical techniques.

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Yoga is a scientific system that fosters healthy development of the physique and balanced development of the psyche. Yoga helps in promoting positive health, prevention of stress related health problems and rehabilitation. It also gives an integral approach to common ailments, Top Yoga University in India. Yoga also sharpens ones mental faculties improving attention and concentration.

Its miraculous benefits for health, concentration, will power, stress management, personality development, human values, interpersonal relations and spiritual evolution are being highly appreciated now all sections of the society all over the world In this regard, we should like to bring to your kind notice that on 11th Dec 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day ad one of the Top Yoga Colleges in Uttar Pradesh (UP). It indicates the global recognition and importance of Yoga.

There is huge demand for qualified yoga Teachers/Instructors, Top Yoga University in Uttar Pradesh (UP) Due to a dearth of experienced and professionally qualified yoga teachers, there is a necessity for Professional Training Institutes and Courses. Increasing Need for Qualified Yoga Teachers: Due to recent advances in Science and Technology, the lifestyles of the modern people have drastically changed to such an alarming extent that, this very lifestyle being adopted is leading to innumerable health problems, mental stresses and strains, family problems and social tensions and pressures.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the yoga courses is to prepare trained manpower fully equipped with knowledge and skills for treatment of diseases and to improve the overall health in all manifestations with the help of yoga and naturopathy, Top Yoga University in Moradabad. The purpose is to impart knowledge of yoga to students/learners in order to enable them to teach yoga to the others in schools and colleges and to the interested public of all age groups. Successful completion of the course will enable the students to teach yoga practices and meditation with a secular and scientific orientation.

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The specific objectives are:

To provide the necessary knowledge of the theory and practice of yoga so that the students learn to practice and also to teach yoga to all age groups (to teach yoga in schools, colleges, Universities, corporate organizations, central services and to the interested public of all age groups with secular and scientific orientation) for promoting their health and effectiveness and one of the Top Colleges in Moradabad.

To give them a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology and classical yoga texts relevant to the theory and practice of yoga to help them gain the theoretical and scientific perspective on yoga, Top Yoga University in Gajraula.

To provide the basic understanding of the Indian Philosophy, psychology, alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure and in-depth knowledge of classical Yoga texts and Yoga therapy relevant to the theory and practice of yoga to help them gain the theoretical and scientific perspective on yoga, Top Yoga Colleges in Gajraula

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To promote research in yoga

To enable the students of yoga to setup their own yoga centres as self-employment and promote health consciousness among the public.

To promote positive health and spiritual evolution of individuals by the practice of yoga and to make aware of the utility of yoga in disease prevention and promotion of health.

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Employment Opportunities

The yoga courses have got a huge potential of employment generation. The opportunities for employment for such pass-out students include:

  • Employment in both Government and Private schools and colleges as Yoga Teachers.
  • Employment in Yoga Training Institutions.
  • Employment in Health Centres, Gyms, Alternative Medicine Clinics as Yoga Instructors.
  • Self-Employment by conducting yoga camps, workshops in private and public sectors.
  • Employment in Tourism sectors.
  • Opportunities to train individuals and foreigners.
  • Opportunities in foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe, USA etc.
  • Norway

    Dr. N.A. Shah (Dean)

    School of Yoga & Naturopathy Science

    Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh

    Yoga is essentially spiritual. It dignifies the essential unity that is the basis of life. It embraces the full spectrum of reality, from the most spiritual to the most material. The Philosophy of Yoga is practical and applicable in our day-to-day living. The practice of Yoga is a process of self – discovery. It is an awakening of long deep rooted memories of whom and what we really are! Yoga, as union, implies perfect harmony of body and mind. It implies the harmonious integration of personality. The most common benefit of Yoga practice is the sense of wellbeing at all levels of our existence. Yoga involves a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing and integrates healing with the culture, diet, environment and tradition.

    Yoga practices have shown to reduce physiological signs of mental stress, both in normal persons and in those with abnormally high levels of stress. Therefore it has got world-wide acceptance as an important system of health care. Yogasanas have become a synonym for the Yoga in the modern times. All over the world, many sadhaks practice only Yogasanas in the name of Yoga. Though, they considered as exercise for physical fitness in nature but they are actually psycho-physical in nature, having effect on both body and mind. Yogasanas alone can bring about many changes in the mind-body complex of a person. Many of the Yoga professionals who have got training in basic aspects of Yoga are looking towards having more intensive knowledge on different aspects of Yoga, especially Yogasanas and they find no place for the same except one or two Yoga Institutes in the country.

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    Programme Duration Specialization/Options Eligibility
    Certificate in Yoga & Naturopathy 6 Month N/A N/A
    PG Diploma in Yoga Science 12 Month N/A N/A
    Diploma in Yoga Education 12 Month N/A N/A
    Certificate in Yoga Training 6 Month N/A N/A
    Certificate in Naturopathy Yogic Science 6 Month N/A N/A
    Certificate in Naturopathy Yogic Science 36 Month N/A N/A
    Foundation Course in Yoga 1 Month N/A N/A
    Certificate in Yogasana & Pranayam 3 Month N/A N/A
    Diploma in Acupressure Therapy 12 Month N/A N/A
    Certificate in Acupressure Therapy 6 Month N/A N/A

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