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SVU Plus is the university experience at SVU that is achieved through our team always going the extra mile for the benefit of our students. Our promise is to never stop at ‘just enough’ and ensure that the all-round quality of education our students receive is what is more than just required.

At SVU, the academic excellence of our students is always at the forefront of our minds, as that is the foundation for research, innovation and industrial growth. To this end, we have designed our diverse curriculums including multi-disciplinary courses so as to lead them on a path towards scholastic standards of knowledge. We continuously encourage our students to learn through practical applications like projects and field work, so as to maintain in-depth understanding of the subjects in addition to superior performance and grades in the classroom. All our efforts are directed towards producing well rounded individuals that are capable of shaping the future of not only our country, but the whole world.
Global exposure is an indispensable part of SVU Plus. With the business world dissolving territorial barriers, it has become more important than ever to be in tune with the rest of the world. This is properly achieved through our student and faculty exchange programs and through collaborations with renowned universities around the world. This provides our students with the invaluable opportunity of connecting and networking with various people of their respective fields across the global landscape. Such interaction and engagement with the rest of the world gives them essential training in not only navigating but mastering the international market in the future.
Keeping in mind the contemporary global problems plaguing humanity, at SVU, we believe that only research and innovation can provide real solutions that have economic, social and industrial utility. Hence, not only do we encourage individualistic scientific thinking in our students but also give the students a chance to make a mark of their own through research projects across various fields like pharmaceuticals, allied sciences, social sciences, technical sciences etc. We focus distinctly on providing adequate training and support to the students so as to encourage them towards undertaking dissertations, research projects or PhD thesis keeping the welfare of the world in sight and fostering collaborations by providing the students and faculties with networking opportunities to connect with like-minded researchers across the globe.
Our year-round student engagement activities like cultural fests, student committees, clubs, etc. are aimed towards balancing work and leisure and boost their confidence, management, and leadership skills, which are of utmost importance for the all-round development of the students.
The single most important factor of university experience beyond academic enrichment is the employability of the graduating student. To boost the employability of our students, our Training and Placement Cell provides significant support in the form of regular guest lectures, seminars, workshops and skill development programs through which our students are able to navigate the competition during their search for employment. Further, due to the strategic geographical location of our university based out of Noida, we have strategic ties with innumerable national and international employers. Our stellar market reputation and industrial ties significantly benefit our students during their hiring process as they are connected with lucrative career opportunities in their respective fields.