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Role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Fostering Innovation

Published 20-July-2022
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Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula adopts a practice oriented teaching approach that fosters embedding of concepts, making it the best private university in Uttar Pradesh UP. It’s the brainchild of Dr Sudhir Giri, a renowned educationist who foresees a bright future by offering affordable education for all. We can gauge his commitment to education by the number of scholarships students get because rewarding the deserving is vital for nurturing a competent workforce.

India is the human capital of the world because around 66% of its population is below the age of 35 years. By training on skills that are in high demand in the market, India can capitalize on its human capital. Here, the role of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) is primary because they can foster innovation by training on advanced technologies. The industry hopes that HEIs will research on key technologies that help them get an upper hand globally. Innovation is the key because countries inventing better products will win the race. The government’s make in India campaign strives to make India a global manufacturing hub because increasing exports is crucial for earning foreign exchange.

  • State of the Art Infrastructure:
  • SVU’s state-of-the-art labs & workshops inspire research to make it the top private university. The university regularly installs new equipment because they are vital for the skill development of the students. Along with academic rigor, the university maintains a futuristic curriculum because it is vital for gaining practical skills.

    We provide well ventilated digital classrooms that foster learning because a comfortable environment is vital for grasping the concepts. By conducting expert seminars, the University keeps its students informed as industry experts illuminate on the latest demands of the industry. We conduct conferences on crucial areas because they are a vital source of information for our students.

  • Nurturing Coding Skills:
  • India is the IT hub of the world because all major tech companies have established a base in the country. This sector is proving to be the biggest employer because it contributes 9.3% to India’s GDP & has captured 56% of the global outsourcing market source Indian IT major TCS has become one of the biggest IT companies employing over 6 Lakh people globally.

    For nurturing coding skills, SVU has set up Intel powered computer labs because coding is an essential skill for the future. SVU’s library with innumerous books provides the perfect knowledge dose, making it the best university in UP.

  • Highly Qualified Faculties:
  • The faculty is the pride of the institution because they foster skills through research oriented teaching. SVU hires them through a stringent process because we maintain the highest quality of education.

    Majority of them are doctorates with rich experience because a culminating experience is vital for skill enhancement. They encourage students to endure in labs because this leads to a conceptual understanding fostering placements. We send them on FDPs because being updated with the latest skills is crucial for educators.

  • Internship Opportunities:
  • Knowledge gained without application is futile because the application nurtures problem solving, the most desired in the corporate world. We provide internships because they foster practical skills vital for the job and making it the Private University in Noida.

    For internship, we have collaborated with leading companies where students gain hands-on skills vital for placement. Our repute in education enables us to arrange internships because we are in education since 1998. Majority of our students get placed after internship because by working with seasoned professionals they gain job ready skills.

  • Student Centric Teaching Methods:
  • The teaching method at SVU is futuristic because we profess experiential learning vital for imbibing the concepts. We involve them in projects, lab assignments, & coding hackathon that make us the best private universities.

    Students internalize concepts by working on real-life problems because education should solve real challenges faced by mankind. We send them on industrial visits because they learn through observation vital for excellence in their profile. Industrial mentors train our students because their experience is vital for making their job ready.

  • Holistic Development of the Students:
  • The university strives for the overall development of students because having an outgoing personality is vital for success. We regularly facilitate this as this promotes a sense of responsibility towards their professions.

    On July 1st SVU along with VIMS Multispecialty hospital celebrated Doctor’s day by felicitating over 250 Doctors & paramedics. For serving humanity against the Corona pandemic, we honored them with gifts & a memento because they give selfless service to society, one of the Best Private University in Delhi NCR.

    The Doctors pledged to serve the country by caring for human health & contribute towards nation building. They have already proven their mettle by curing patients during the pandemic. Doctors are the backbone of a nation because they are competent in warding off health eventualities like Corona. By working with dedication, they pledge to save mankind because working with passion ensures excellent results in a difficult situation.

    Dr Sudhir Giri Chairman Venkateshwara Group, Pro-chancellor Dr Rajiv Tyagi, VC Dr P K Bharti, CMS Dr N K Kalia & the Dean Dr Sanjiv Bhatt inaugurated the ‘Doctors Felicitation Ceremony’ by lighting a lamp to Goddess Saraswati.

    In his address, Dr Sudhir Giri stated that without caring for self the Doctors have proved why we revere them as God. The holistic development of the students is important because working in a team is crucial for a successful career.

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