Shri Venkateshwara University/Institute celebrated the International Day of Happiness with full fanfare & pomp.

Published 21-Mar-2023
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Shri Venkateshwara University /Institute celebrated the International Day of Happiness by releasing balloons, gifting flowers & organizing a mega feast at its campus which made everyone happy.

The Group Chairman Dr Sudhir Giri, Pro Chancellor Dr Rajiv Tyagi, CEO Ajay Shrivastava and the VC, Dr Rakesh Yadav, inaugurated the program by lighting a lamp to Goddess Saraswati.

In his address, the Group Chairman Dr Sudhir Giri, quoted Mahatma Buddha saying that when I looked my inner self, I felt happy.

This means for getting true happiness, one should look inside their soul & shun the outside material possessions.

By helping someone in need, we cannot change the entire world, but this gesture can transform the life of that person. On this occasion, Dr Sudhir Giri inaugurated the continuously running feast at the campus.

The Pro chancellor, Dr Rajiv Tyagi, stressed that genuine happiness cannot be achieved by one day celebration but by dedicating yourself to God & performing your job with utmost sincerity.

He said we can achieve true happiness by helping the last downtrodden person of the society.

Dr Rajiv Tyagi further quoted the Mahatma Buddha wherein a disciple asked the right day to celebrate happiness. Mahatma Buddha replied that the day before death is the right day. On this, the disciple replied nobody knows his day of death. Buddha said that give your 100 percent each day & celebrate it as your last day.

He further elaborated that one gains happiness by empathizing with the victim & not by taking selfies. By doing so, God will say well done what to say about humans.

The CEO Ajay Shrivastava, VC Dr Rakesh Yadav & the Registrar Dr Piyush Pandey also addressed the Happiness function.

Those present included the Meerut Campus Director Dr Pratap Singh, Alka Singh, Deepak, Brajpal, Dr Rajesh Singh, Naseem Ahmed, M A Chaudhary, Vikas Bhatia, Maroof Chaudhary & Vikrant Chaudhary.

Also present were Vishal Sharma, S Baghel, Arun Goswami, Abhishek, Dr S N Sahu, Dr C P Kushwaha, Dr Ana Brown, Dr Vivek Sachan, Dr Ramesh Chaudhary, Dr Rajvardhan & Dr Yogeshwar Sharma.

Also, making their presence felt were Swati Singh, Neetushree Pal, Pritpal & the Media In charge, Mr. Vishwas Rana, among others.