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Insights about the Indian Agriculture Sector

Published 13-July-2022
 Top B.Sc/M.Sc Agriculture Colleges in UP, Meerut, India, Delhi

The urgency to feed a vast population prompted the establishing of agriculture colleges in India. India is an agrarian economy because over 50% of the population depends on agriculture. It’s the major source of employment because people find agriculture a natural source of sustenance.We cannot nullify the importance of agriculture because modern agricultural techniques made us self-sufficient in food grains. The agricultural scientists ushered the green revolution responsible for the bumper production of food crops. From being independent in food production, India is now the granary of the world because we are the leading food exporter of the world.

The onus for this goes to the agriculture scientists being nurtured at the bsc agriculture top colleges. The pandemic reinforced the importance of agriculture because while it shut all industries, the agriculture sector recorded the highest growth. It strengthened this with the record sales of tractors about 21% compared to the previous financial year of 2019-20.Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy because it recorded impressive growth owing to innovative agricultural techniques.

For India, food grain security is crucial because our burgeoning population requires surplus food stocks.India progressed in agriculture because of the setting of state agriculture universities (SAU) in the 1960.From food grain production, we are shifting towards Agro-based industries because they are ideal for employment generation. In the words of Dr. Sudhir Giri, agriculture is the foundation of the Indian economy because it helped survive a massive lockdown with enough food stocks.Through state of the arts labs, the School of Agricultural Sciences at Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula fosters research, making it the bsc agriculture colleges in India.

It has the latest equipment that stimulates research to make us a formidable bsc agriculture colleges in UP. Our collaboration with ICAR & CSIR embeds a research culture because we profess experiential learning critical for employment.Experts who illuminate students on the latest happenings in agriculture occupy our conference hall. The computer center is open for long hours because researching on the net is vital for agriculture professionals.The library with a vast collection of books augments knowledge because being up to date is vital for the students. We have our farmlands where students gain practical skills because having hands-on practice fosters employment.

Our education is community centric because we believe in the overall development of the society. Students conduct farmer congregations because educating farmers on the latest techniques is vital for improving their incomes.The faculty supervises such programs & this nurtures understanding of key concepts. We hired the faculty at B.Sc. Agriculture top colleges through a stringent selection process because we want the best trainings for the students.They have years of experience vital for the employability of the students. Majority of them are doctorates who encourage students to endure in labs because this is vital for developing better crops.

SVU deputes them on FDP because this ensures they are conversant with the fresh developments in agriculture.The purpose of professional education is fostering skills that are sought after by industries. The bsc agriculture colleges in Delhi arranges internship where students work in industries & gain vital skills for employment.Our impeccable record in education enables us to gain internship because organizations prefer interns from SVU. Most of them get placed after internships because our curriculum is in sync with industry requirements. The msc agriculture colleges in UP have devised an industrial curriculum because imparting job oriented skills is vital for employment.Agriculture is an evergreen field because for humanity to survive, we need to produce enough food grains.

India needs scientists who can innovate crop varieties that give a bumper crop so that we feed ourselves, but also export to the world. The arable land is shrinking because of rapid urbanization as more people head to cities for employment.This reduction in land availability is worrying farmers because they are concerned about increasing their incomes.We need apt agriculture scientists capable of innovating high yielding varieties that give a bumper yield in small holdings.By moving ahead of traditional crops, we should train farmers in horticulture because it can further augment their incomes. Vegetables have a short gestation period & provide regular income because people consume them in large quantities.

Top Agriculture Colleges in UP can supplement farmers’ income by training in Aloe Vera & Dragon fruit cultivation because they are cash crops. These cops have a huge market potential because we use Aloe Vera in cosmetic products fetching good price for the grower.

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