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Top 5 Private Universities of Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Published 08-AUG-2023

Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula is the brainchild Dr. Sudhir Giri who provides ‘affordable education & healthcare for all’.

Dr. Sudhir Giri believes that socio-economic barriers are the major hurdles to receiving education.

Belonging to a farmer’s family, Dr. Sudhir Giri embarked on a mission to train the rural youth through affordable & futuristic education.

This endeavor inspired him to establish a world class institution called the Best Private University in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Our vision is affordable education for all, irrespective of caste & creed. Today, the rural youth struggles in gaining quality education due to lack of resources.

SVU provides scholarships to meritorious students & helps them realize their dreams, thus making us the best university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

We have established a separate Jan Kalyan Department that helps students to get scholarships.

Like the right to education (RTE) SVU believes that affordable higher education is the need of the hour.

Owing to his commendable work for healthcare Dr. Sudhir Giri received the Ideal Health Institutions 2021 award from Mr. Suresh Kumar Khanna Cabinet minister for medical education in the UP Govt.

On receiving the award Dr Sudhir Giri dedicated this award to the committed team of Venkateshwara group that includes Doctors/paramedics and nursing staff who served the covid patients day night for their speedy recovery.

We have established world class labs & workshops that give experiential learning to the students. Students gain practical skills crucial for placement, thus making us the Top University of Uttar Pradesh (UP)..

SVU has established the labs in collaboration with industry. This ensures we train the students on the latest skills crucial for employment.

We equipped the labs with the best workstations that enrich the learning, thus making us the best private university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

The industry, which ensures skilled manpower is available to them, has sponsored SVU’s engineering labs & workshops.

The library with over 7000 books & e-resources enriches the learning process, thus making us the Best University in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Our AC seminar & conference halls provide the perfect atmosphere for conventions, thus making us the top university of Uttar Pradesh UP.

The standard location on the Delhi Meerut bypass ensures we are well connected with rail & road. The well designed classrooms enable good dispersion of knowledge, thus making us the best private university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

We involve Dr. Sudhir Giri in university operations to ensure we take timely decisions. This provides support to the top management & we achieve new milestones in education.

Dr. Sudhir Giri, an engineer himself, understands the challenges faced by the rural youth to become engineers.

SVU takes part in community welfare programs. This ensures students develop team spirit & empathy crucial for success in today’s world.

SVU has its own medical college that conducts health camps for the marginal sections of the society.

Students take part in these camps & provide their services with care & dedication. This fosters in them humane values & care for society, thus making us the best university in Uttar Pradesh UP.

The group is running a dozen educational institutions that include medical colleges in India & abroad. Our commitment towards education & healthcare has enabled Dr Sudhir Giri win the International Glory Man of the year Award 2021.

The carefully recruited faculty is the pride of the university. They have years of industrial & academic experience so vital for the students. They transfer key skills thus making us the top university of Uttar Pradesh UP.

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