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Honorary Doctorate Program


An honorary doctorate is the highest and the most prestigious award conferred by Shri Venkateshwara University. An honorary doctorate is granted for a characteristic achievement that is in accordance with the values of the university and has substantially helped in the betterment of society.

Scholars and renowned personnel must meet specific criteria to be considered for an honorary doctoral degree at Shri Venkateshwara University, and there are a variety of doctorates that they may be awarded.

Honorary Doctoral Degrees are not earned through academic achievements, they are received on the basis of generous and philanthropic actions or lifetime endeavors that benefit a community, nation, or humanity as a whole. In order to get considered for this award, some educational institutions allow candidates to send in their applications, while some require a nomination by a third party. Each university that awards honorary degrees has its own criteria for acceptance.

An individual can receive more than one honorary degree, but it must be from two different institutions.

The recipients of this award may use the title of ‘Doctor’, but it does not corroborate that they have completed a doctorate program. Many institutions prefer to recognize and award their own students or scholars who have made remarkable contributions in their field, however, it is not necessary for the candidate to be an alumnus of Shri Venkateshwara University.


The conferring of an honorary doctoral degree is a public action that brings visibility and distinction to both the recipient and to the university as a grantor.

An honorary doctorate identifies extraordinary and remarkable distinction and is awarded to an individual who has achieved prominence in community services, cultural affairs, arts, or in a field of knowledge and pedagogy, in compliance with the ideals of Shri Venkateshwara University.

The nominees are not required to have been educated at or associated with Shri Venkateshwara University before being awarded the degree. These honorary degrees act as a mark of respect and esteem and are not awarded to encourage or reward financial contributions to the University.


Individuals who have achieved high distinction in any field are entitled to get awarded. The universities that award honorary degrees usually add ‘honoris causa’ or ‘h.c.’ in the degree title indicating that the title is an honorary one. Nominations of candidates for honorary degrees can be from members of the campus or non-campus communities. The candidates must have made a contribution that adds a significant new aspect to humanity's well-being or have made an exceptional contribution to the well-being of society. The nominee need not possess other academic degrees in order to receive an honorary doctoral degree, though a great majority of honorees are likely to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.


The nomination and review process is confidential. No disclosure is to be made until after the Board of Governors (BOG) reviews the nomination and the invitation to the nominee is sent.

As a policy, the Board of Governors generally limits the number of honorary degrees any individual may receive from the SVU to only one.

Honorary degrees will be awarded in person and/or in absentia (only in exceptional cases). A nominee may also be awarded a degree posthumously if, after accepting the chancellor’s invitation, the nominee’s death occurs before the scheduled conferral.

In awarding honorary degrees, Shri Venkateshwara University does not assume any legal obligations and the recipients receive no honorarium.

The honoree shall have the right to refer to himself/herself as “doctor” and permit others to do so as well after being awarded an honorary doctoral degree of SVU “honoris causa” as confirmed by a Tetramer issued under the seal of the University.


Depending on the achievement, SVU may present different types of honorary doctoral degrees. A few examples include:

Doctor of Public Administration: Conferred to public servants, and politicians that have made a positive impact on humanity through good governance.
Doctor of Business Administration: Awarded to successful entrepreneurs.
Doctor of Humane Letters: Acknowledging academic distinction.
Doctor of Fine Arts: Granted majorly to musicians, actors, architects, and artists.
Doctor of Laws: Awarded to professionals in the field of law.
Doctor of Science: In recognition of revolutionary scientific research and discovery.
Doctor of Divinity: To honor exceptional religious figures, etc.

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