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Blood Donation Camp 2018

Blood Donation Camp

Shri Ventakeshwara University, Uttar Pradesh, in association with Red Cross Society of India, Moradabad has organized a Blood Donation Camp in the University premises on 6th  September 2018. The students as well as all the faculty members involved themselves and made it a successful camp. Blood Camp was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Brig. (Dr) V D Abraham, Dr. Rajendra Singh Saini, In-charge Pathological Lab, City Hospital, Moradabad, Dr. Rahul Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer. On this occasion Dr. Prabhat  Srivastava, Director – Academics, Dr. Satish Sharma, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. S N Sahoo, Dean – Management, Dr. S K Bhogal, Dean – Humanities, Dr. Kalpna Goyal, Incharge – Pathology,  Shri Arun Kumar Goswami, PA to Chancellor and many others were present. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor was the first person to donate the blood enthusiastically and wholeheartedly, which motivated the young generation to participate actively in the Blood Donation Camp. In the Camp both the students of Shri Venkateshwara University, Uttar Pradesh and Ventakeshwara Institute of Medical Sciences donated the blood. Shri Anil Kumar Jaiswal was the man behind to organize the Blood Donation Camp and make the event successful. Shri Arun Kumar Goswami and Shri Abhishek Sood made all arrangement required by the Organizers. In total 32 units of blood were collected; the authorities of Red Cross Society in India lauded the students’ and the faculty members’ effort in making it a grand success. Dr. Satish Sharma, Chief Medical Officer, thanked the organizers as well as the faculty members and volunteers.  In recognition of their noble services, the Red Cross authorities issued all the donors the Certificate of Appreciation. The University was also given a Certificate of Appreciation.

Blood Donation Camp Photos

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The National Medical Commission (#NMC) has replaced the Medical Council of India (BoG-MCI), as per information released by the Health Ministry.

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