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We believe that a healthy body is a healthy mind. We have the required infrastructure for the various outdoor sports. Students are encouraged to take part in sports so that they imbibe various attributes that are helpful in life. It allows the individuals to make constructive use of their leisure time. 

A fully air conditioned gym on the campus with all the latest equipment's are a matter of envy. We have the luxury of providing personal coaches for students who aspire to become future body builders. It is pleasing to see the students staying fit in their journey of life. We would like to have our own team of builders to represent us in various events. 

We also touch upon the spiritual aspect of individuals. With the high level of stress and anxiety prevalent in the lifestyle today, we have highly qualified instructors to help cope with same. Mental strength is equally important as is the physical might. Yoga is important as it helps to remove negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body. It also helps in building attention, focus and concentration, especially in children.