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Placement Drive

Placement Drive

Recent placement drive at Shri Venkateshwara University During recent placement drive for 2015-16 pass-out students held on 25th June’16 at SVU campus, 22 students were selected.

  • Westin Electromech-
  1.  Mintu, Polytechnic (Civil)
  2. Vikas, B. Tech (Civil)
  3. Virendra Singh, B. Tech (Civil)
  4. Sonu Kumar, B. Tech (Civil)
  5. Kunwar Pal Singh, Polytechnic (Civil)
  6. Neeraj, Polytechnic (EEE)
  7. Ranbir Kumar, Polytechnic (EEE)
  8. Sanjeev Panwar, Polytechnic (EEE)
  9. Nipendra Singh, B. Tech (Civil)
  10. Ramveer Pal, Polytechnic (Civil)
  • Material Boss Construction Company

  1. Vijay Kumar, MBA
  2. Sanafil Husain, MBA
  3. Sachin Kumar, MBA
  4. Ankit Sharma, B. Tech (Civil)
  5. Rohit Chauhan, B. Tech (Civil)
  6. Ashraf Ali, B. Tech (Civil)
  7. Ammar Khan, B. Tech (Civil)
  8. Yogendr Singh, B. Tech (Civil)
  9. Arun Kumar, B. Tech (Civil)
  10. Komal Kumar Sharma, B. Tech (Civil)
  11. Mohd. Hasnain, B. Tech (Civil)
  12. Mohd. Mazhar, B. Tech (Civil)

Shri Venkateshwara University Family congratulates all the successful candidates and wishes for their bright future.