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About Us
Why Gajraula ?


Not long ago a small hamlet called Gajraula, is now a prosperous town, hosting manufacturing plants of many leading industries. It is a modern sub urban town with good infrastructure facilities for trade and commerce. Situated on Delhi Lucknow highway, near the river Ganges, the district Amroha (erstwhile Jyotiba Phule Nagar) was facing a void of educational facilities.

Amroha is a historical significant town, named after abundant availability of Aam & Rohu fish because of three rivers that flow through the district. The border of Amroha district touches six other districts with a total population of more than 1.5 crores. 

Agriculture is the key source of occupation for majority of population due to the fertile land. Main crops of the district are wheat and sugarcane. Literacy rates are now around 57% for male and 52% for females. Population wise the area has high number of Muslim population and all the people from different religion live in harmony. 

Earlier the options available for majority of population were pursuing general courses from Government degree colleges. In all these districts there were no public Universities and the onus of providing technical and professional education has been taken on by private players. Western UP’s cultural ethos, tradition and values are so ingrained in this soil that it is bestowed with magical powers to sprout uncanny talents and genius. Anyone groomed in this environment has the opportunity to undergo a steady transformation, to flourish in life ingrained with the traits of greatness.

The connectivity of Gajraula is excellent as it is situated on National Highway 24 and is adjacent to National Capital Territory. Gajraula is also well connected with rail route as it lies on main Delhi-Barielly track. The nearest airport is in Delhi and the town of Gajraula has all the modern amenities available including prestigious food chains and factory outlets of leading multinational companies.

Considering these Shri Bankey Bihari Educational & Welfare Trust (SBBEWT), the promoter of Shri Venkateshwara University chose Gajraula as their karma bhoomi. SVU, though well connected with main town, is situated in a noise and pollution free, lush green atmosphere which can be termed as a modern gurukul.

You are welcome in this modern Gurukul. Enjoy the process of learning, absorbing and implementing. You will be surprised with what you have become and will not believe when you unleash your potential.